Steve Earle 5th Annual John Henry's Friends Benefit Poster - Autographed by Steve Earle
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The Keswell School is an educational program for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Founded on the belief that children diagnosed with ASD can live full and productive lives as integrated members of their communities, The Keswell School provides educational, therapeutic and supportive services for children diagnosed with ASD and their families. This is a topic dear to Steve, as his son, John Henry, attends the school.


Founded in 2002, the Keswell School challenges students to accomplish in aspects of school life, and prepares them for the fullest possible engagement in the world. The strong bond between their students, teachers and therapists is rooted in the School's commitment to meeting students at their individual levels of development. Located in Chelsea on the West Side of Manhattan, The Keswell School provides year-around, individualized instruction to 50 children, ages 3 to 21 using an integrated multi-disciplinary model that begins with a strong foundation in applied behavior analytic services (ABA).