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Fu Manchu – Go For It... Live! (CD)
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Fu Manchu – Go for it Live!                              

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut live double album, Fu Manchu is releasing the first ever repress of Go For It…Live!, which has been out of print since the original pressing. The 22 song release was recorded on the band’s 2002 California Crossing World Tour, which marked the debut of drummer Scott Reeder. Fu Manchu is renowned for their live performances and this set doesn’t disappoint, with incendiary renditions of fan favorites such as: “Hell On Wheels,” “Mongoose,” “King Of The Road,” “Evil Eye” and their always requested cover of “Godzilla.” As said, “Go for It...Live! is an absolute must for those enamored by Fu Manchu's buzzy sound, and a great introduction for those curious about a band woefully ignored by radio stations and video channels.”

Track List: 


  1. “Hell On Wheels”
  2. “Laserbl’ast!”
  3. “Asphalt Risin’”
  4. “Mongoose”
  5. “Downtown In Dogtown”
  6. “Boogie Van”
  7. “Tilt”
  8. “Ojo Rojo”
  9. “Strato-Streak”
  10. “King Of The Road”
  11. “Anodizer” 


  1. “Evil Eye”
  2. “Hang On”
  3. “Wurkin’”
  4. “California Crossing”
  5. “Over The Edge”
  6. “Regal Begal”
  7. “Godzilla”
  8. “Superbird”
  9. “Weird Beard”
  10. “Squash That Fly”
  11. “Saturn III”


M FMC-CD-1007