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Fu Manchu - The Return of Tomorrow (CD)
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The Return Of Tomorrow is Fu Manchu’s first new album in 6 years, and they made sure that it was worth the wait. Their 14th album is their 1st double LP of new material and it was conceived of as a vinyl listening experience. The first LP features 7 songs in their iconic heavy fuzz sound including the first single, “Hands Of The Zodiac” and the relentlessly catchy “Loch Ness Wrecking Machine.” The second LP sees the band mellowing out with 6 slower tempo jams including the synth inflected “Solar Baptized” and the title track.. CD listeners need not worry, as this version of the album was mastered specifically for the format.

Like the band’s most recent album, Clone Of The Universe, and the band’s 3 part Fu30 EP series, The Return Of Tomorrow was recorded at The Racket Room in Santa Ana, California by Jim Monroe (Adolescents, Ignite) and co-produced with Fu Manchu.


  1. Dehumanize
  2. Loch Ness Wrecking Machine
  3. Hands Of The Zodiac
  4. Haze The Hides
  5. Roads Of The Lowly
  6. (Time Is) Pulling You Under
  7. Destroyin’ Light
  8. Lifetime Waiting
  9. Solar Baptized
  10. What I Need
  11. The Return Of Tomorrow
  12. Liquify
  13. High Tide


    M FMC-CD-1008