Eyes Set To Kill - The World Outside CD
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Despite a whirlwind of success from their 2008 debut Reach, Eyes Set To Kill front woman Alexia Rodriguez refuses to let the Phoenix based group she help create, remain stagnant. Surely it would be easy to replicate the creative ideas that made the group's debut an instant fan favorite, but a true artist will always evolve. With the release of Eyes Set To Kill's sophomore album, The World Outside, Rodriguez is determined to have fans, critics and the industry recognize her growth and maturity as a songwriter and performing artist.

Like a caterpillar cocooning itself in preparation for the transformation into a butterfly, The World Outside shows how Eyes Set To Kill have evolved from their screamo beginnings into powerful songwriters that resonate raw emotion. Written and recorded by the band in Los Angeles, CA with producer Dave Aguilera (ex-Otep, Bleed the Dream) and mixed by Thom Flowers (The Ataris), the album captures the unrefined intensity that the group's debut only hinted at.
Track Listing:
1. Heights
2. Hourglass
3. Deadly Weapons
4. Interlude
5. The World Outside
6. March of the Dead
7. Wake Me Up
8. The Hollow Pt. 1
9. The Hollow
10. Risen
11. Her Eyes Hold The Apocalypse
12. Come Home

Eyes Set To Kill - The World Outside CD
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