Lou Reed-Chen Taijiquan DVD - Music and Narration by Lou Reed
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Master Ren, Guang-Yi beautifully demonstrates two fundamental Chen-style Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) forms: the 75-movement long form, Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame 1st Road), and the 49-movement Straight Sword form. This program features an ambient electronic soundtrack and onscreen narration by Lou Reed. Captured in high-definition (HD) in New York's Central Park, each form is presented in a multiple-angle format, and showing the name of each movement. Each form is also shown in FlipperVision, a slideshow comprised of nearly 2,000 photos by famed photographer Martin von Haselberg, so you may carefully study each of Master Ren's postures in detail. Chen Style Taijiquan is a comprehensive form of exercise that promotes fitness, coordination and relaxation which remains true to its ancient martial arts origins.