Kill Paradise - The Second Effect CD
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Denver based electro pop duo Kill Paradise have partnered with Hot Topic to exclusively release the group's debut album, The Second Effect, on Nov. 10th, 2009 through the popular mall chain store.

The buzz surrounding Kill Paradise, which features Nick Cocozzella and Bryce Hoops, is growing louder as listeners get hooked by the group's brand of infectious Electro pop. Established in Denver, CO, Kill Paradise have managed to make a name for themselves in a crowded scene that catapulted bands like 3OH!3 and Breathe Carolina from local heroes, to two of the hottest bands in the nation. As fan anticipation for the group's upcoming debut continues to grow stronger, Kill Paradise are ready to make their brand of electro pop a household name.

Track Listing:

1. Oh Lexi
2. Fall From A Star
3. Just Friends?

4. Punch!
5. Miracle
6. All For You
7. Rcnk Remix
8. Fine Without You
9. Katie And I
10. Radio Arcade
11. Candy Land WeddingQuantcast