Potluck - Greatest Hits With My Buds Vol. 1 CD
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Humboldt's high society are back with a new joint full of their favorite buds! 'Greatest Hits with my Buds' is a career spanning package that features POTLUCK alongside some of most iconic figures in rap. From Kottonmouth Kings to E-40 to the Luniz, this record features some of the dopest rappers in the game!


  1. What We Are (feat. Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kaliko)
  2. Sports Junkies
  3. Stoner Bitch (feat. Kottonmouth Kings)
  4. Humboldt County High
  5. Say What U Wanna (feat. Tech N9ne)
  6. Mary Jane (feat. The Luniz)
  7. You Ain't That Fine (feat. E-40)
  8. Hip Hop (feat. Mystik Journeymen)
  9. Hot Box Anthem
  10. 4smokazonly (feat (hed) p.e.)
  11. Roll Big (feat Kottonmouth Kings)
  12. No Disrespect
  13. Whats Your Purpose
  14. Just Like You
  15. Revolution (feat Chali Zna)
  16. Smoke the Pain Away (feat Twiztid)
  17. Funeral (feat. Twiztid)
  18. Bonus: I Ain't Crazy (feat D12 & King Gordy)