Saint Dog Unconformable Social Amputees CD
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Uncomfortable Social Amputees is the second full-length album from one of the original founding members of the Kottonmouth Kings. Additionally Saint Dog is a member of the Subnoize Souljaz. Featured guests on USA include Daddy X, Dirtball, Big Hoss and Judge D.
Track Listing:
1. Subnoize Anthem f/ Daddy X
2. Oompa Loompa
3. Pussy Poppin' f/ DJ Bobby B
4. Paper Chase f/ Big Hoss
5. Hip Hop Punk Rock (Gangsta Lean) f/ Chucky Styles and Big Hoss
6. Their Lies f/ Big Hoss
7. Reaper f. Chucky Styles and Big Hoss
8. When I Grow Up f/ Big Hoss Starring Maxon Price
9. Da Game f/ BJ The Pimp Smith and Big Hoss
10. Wanna Live
11. Get Gone f/ Dirtball and Daddy X
12. Throw It Up F/ Dirtball
13. Ha Ha f/ Big Hoss and Daddy X
14. How Many f/ Judge D
15. Down 4 Whatever f/ Pakelika
16. Inside My Head f/ Big Hoss
17. Stand Up f/ Big Hoss
18. Friends Like You f/ Big Hoss
Saint Dog Unconformable Social Amputees CD
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