Sen Dog Diary of a Mad Dog CD
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As co-emcee of the seminal rap group Cypress Hill, this rap frontiersman formed an integral part of an evolution, with the likes of Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and Run-DMC, rising up to blur the lines of musical division. Broadening the genre, they welcomed a vast cross-section of society to enjoy the wealth of aural wonders, always encouraging open-mindedness. Stamp in hand; this Latin linguist burned his rap across the cultural map

Constantly on the prowl, Cuban-born Senen Reyes, aka SEN DOG, has survived in the hip-hop world for nearly two decades and had enjoyed Top 10 singles (How Could I Just Kill a Man, Insane In The Brain and Rock Superstar), #1 albums on the Billboard Charts (Black Sunday) and countless platinum and gold plaques (over 17 million albums sold worldwide).

Nearly two decades in the making the Dog has broken out of the cage for a singular attack on hip-hop's jugular! Drawing from a treasure-trove of personal and professional experiences - the good, bad and ugly of it all - Sen Dog's bark is louder than ever on his debut solo album - Diary of a Mad Dog.

1.  Fumble
2.  Capo
3.  Biggy Bang
4.  Hard In The Paint
5. Graceful
6.  Juggernaut
7.  Backin' Up My Gang
8.  Don't Sleep In The Streets
9.  The Sicko
10.  International
11  Hell and Back
12.  What You Wanna Do
13.  Hood Rat Love
14.  Stand Up
15.  Curtain Call

Sen Dog Diary of a Mad Dog CD
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