Supporting Radical Habits Compilation 2005 CD/DVD
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Get one step closer to being part of the SRH / SUBURBAN NOIZE RECORDS LIFE STYLE by getting your hands on the SRH SUPPORTING RADICAL HABITS CD/DVD! The DVD features footage of Kottonmouth Kings and the Sub Noize Family in Japan, Moto Cross riders Manley and Morrison (Scummy) Talkin Shit, Moto Cross Riders Grant Teal and Jeremy Lusk, plus more of the SRH team. It also features new Music Videos by: Kottonmouth Kings Big B OPM Slightly Stoopid Includes NEW UNRELEASED MUSIC by Kottonmouth Kings, Judge D, Dirtball, Saint Dog and Big Hoss, Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Johnny Richter, Mower, Last Laugh, Phunk Junkeez, Daddy X, Big B, and DJ Bobby B

Track Listing:
1. Kottonmouth Kings - SRH
2. Judge D w/ Dirtball -Roll Call
3. SX10 f/ Sen Dog - Kill That
4. Insolence - Downfall
5. Johnny Richter - Things I Do Part 2
6. Last Laugh - Leeches
7. Slightly Stoopid - This Joint
8. Subnoize Souljaz - Keep A Look Out
9. Humble Gods - Destroy
10. Pepper - 7 Weeks
11. Too Rude - Local Dub
12. Daddy X - Peaceful Day
13. Dirtball - Industry Beez
14. DJ Bobby B Presents One Session - If This Were
15. MOWER - Seedless
16. Reyes Bros f/ Sen Dog from Cypress Hill and Mellow Man Ace - What What
17. OPM - Conflict
18. Mishka - One Tree
19. Phunk Junkeez f/ Dog Boy - Turnin Around
20. Saint Dog and Big Hoss - Backlash
21. Big B - The B
22. Kingspade - Spaded, Jaded and Faded