Fu Manchu - Kept Between Trees (10”)

Fu Manchu - Kept Between Trees (10”)

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Reissue of the first 3 song 7" + 1 unreleased from 1990 + 1 unreleased bonus track download. These were songs that were a transformation from their hardcore/punk band - Virulence, that started in 1985. “We were listening to a lot of Melvins, Laughing Hyenas, TAD, GORE, Swans early White Zombie” - Scott Hill. The song "Blowtorch" was recorded at that same 1990 session but never released. Extra track featured on download card "Flashin'" was recorded as a demo a few months after the self-titled recording in 1990 and is also previously unreleased.

Track Llisting:

1. Kept Between Trees
2. Bouillabaisse
3. Jr High School Ring (7 karat)
4. Blowtorch

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M FMC-VIN-1004

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