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Crossroads Crossroads Guitar Festival

2007 Crossroads Crossroads Guitar Festival Program

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Held on July 28, 2007 at Toyota Park outside Chicago.

“I have seen Eric many times over the years starting with the tour he did with Muddy Waters, which was I believe ‘78 or ‘79. It has always been a great musical experience. Up until I attended the Crossroads Fest last weekend, my 2 favorite shows were that show with Eric, Muddy and Johnny Winter all together for an all star jam and the “From the Cradle tour,” where Eric played so many blues classics. But after last week, I can't say that anymore. Eric's performance last Saturday was so hot that it should be in the dictionary under incendiary. He was on fire. This was obviously one of those nights where everything clicked and Eric was at his fiery best.” -- Review by “Bob”